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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Johnson & Johnson, The New Media Innovator

RonAmok! JNJ Does New MediaJohnson & Johnson, the "123 year old, $64B holding company, responsible for 250 operating companies that collectively employ over 118,000 employees... that ... sells products related to human health and well-being" is a New Media Innovator. So says Ron Ploof in his e-Book titled "Johnson & Johnson Does New Media. Lessons from a 123 year old, $64 Billion New Media Innovator."

The e-book caught my attention.

First, Ann Handley mentioned it as a must-read during last week's MarketingProfs Summer Social online seminar.

Second, I love hearing about large organizations, steeped in tradition, willing to explore new approaches to connecting with their marketplace. Fiskars the 360 year young company, is another that comes to mind.

Finally, back in January, Robin Carey, CEO and Co-Founder of Social Media Today LLC, invited me to attend Real-Time Communications: Conferences & Roundtables during which Johnson & Johnson's Marc Monseau participated in a Super Panel discussion about new media.

Marc is actively involved in the the J&J corporate blog as editor and writer.

Ron's e-book beautifully lays out Johnson & Johnson's history while exploring its digital journey including its first blog, Kilmer House, launched in 2006 to tell the story of the people and the company of J&J, its corporate blog, JNJ BTW, the JNJHealth Channel on YouTube, Twitter @jnjComm and the Johnson & Johnson network group on Facebook.

The book ends with 10 lessons that I find particularly relevant to marketing with social media, whether just starting out, reevaluating progress to date or simply appreciating other companies' approaches:

1. There will always be excuses
2. Write about your history
3. Learn from the experience
4. Build your home first
5. Talk about the problems you solve
6. Don't be afraid to experiment
7. Measure everything
8. Adapt your plan
9. Cross-pollinate
10. Keep moving

In other words, go to RonAmok!, download your own copy of Johnson & Johnson Does New Media. Lessons from a 123 year old, $64 Billion New Media Innovator and then let me know what you found most intriguing.

Thanks, Ron!

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  1. Thank you so much for this writeup, C.B. I'm glad that you enjoyed the Case Study and I look forward to reading more of YOUR content!

  2. Ron, you are most welcome! I'm so glad I came across you and the case study, via Ann Handley!


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