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How Can I Help You?

How Can I Help You?

I speak about social media marketing and conduct social media training.

I provide social media consulting and coaching - including setting up a blog and developing a content strategy, surveying the competitive landscape, reviewing and assessing social media tools, developing tracking and ROI mechanisms, advising on how best to handle customer feedback in a social world [i.e., online reputation management] and social media outreach.

Critical to success is social media strategic planning that takes into account all of your customer facing activities and marketing programs. I work with you to develop goals and a social media strategy that integrates your marketing elements to maximize every opportunity to enhance your digital visibility and connect with potential customers.

I'd love to discuss your social media marketing experiences and how to better connect with your customers using the tools of social media marketing.

To reach me, simply call 973-283-2424, click on this link for Simple Marketing Now Contact Us details, email me at, become a Facebook Fan of Simple Marketing Now, or follow me on Twitter.

Or leave a comment :-).

I look forward to speaking with you.

About Christine (C.B.) Whittemore and Simple Marketing Now

Welcome to the Simple Marketing Blog, Blog and Newsroom for Simple Marketing Now LLC, a marketing consultancy focused on assisting organizations wanting to better connect with customers by helping them integrate social media marketing and digital marketing into their traditional marketing.

I am Chief Simplifier of Simple Marketing Now and take seriously the notion of 'simplifying' and getting to the essence of what matters to your customers so you can connect with them, better deliver relevant value to them and, ultimately, derive sustainable profits. Simple, right?

I'm fascinated with the customer experience, the retail experience and businesses - both digital and brick/mortar - who are passionate about meeting the needs of their consumers and successfully bridge traditional marketing with social media marketing. That is what got me started in social media marketing back in 2006 when I launched Flooring The Consumer, my blog about marketing, the retail experience and marketing to women.

That's also what makes me a veteran social media marketer with experience launching and sustaining a social media presence via blogs, Facebook Fan Pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc., creating and implementing a rich content marketing strategy, and - more importantly - integrating all of these tools and elements into traditional marketing.

In case you can't tell from the news and posts published here, I love to share simple, practical, relevant perspectives on how to make sense out of social media marketing - via case studies of companies doing it right, wisdom and insights from marketing conferences I attend [e.g., MarketingProfs and BRITE], interviews and blog series such as the'How Do I?' social media marketing series.

Click here for a link to social media marketing case studies and click here for an overview of the blogs I publish.

P.S.: You can learn more about me by reading Meet Practical Marketer Christine B. Whittemore and visiting About Simple Marketing Now.

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