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Friday, March 9, 2012

Practical Simple Marketing in the News - 3/9/12

Practical Simple Marketing In the News
This week's recap represents two weeks of links and resources shared on Twitter and tagged #practicalmktr grouped here together in Practical Simple Marketing In The News.

Highlights: Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook Timeline for Pages...

Simple & Practical Marketing Data

  • Study: no more than 1x every 3 hours for Facebook updates: #practicalmktr  
  • Content quality vs. length matters in video #practicalmktr  

    Practical Marketing Advice

    • Perspective on how & quality of info-sharing on Facebook #practicalmktr 
    • How to handle breaking crises on Twitter fr @mashable - Good #practicalmktr advice 
    • Facebook Timeline for Pages: more perspective #practicalmktr 
    • Are you ready for Facebook Fan Page Timelines? #practicalmktr 
    • Big deal: Facebook Promotion Guidelines Decoded fr @socialmedia2day #practicalmktr 
    • Hmmm. Pinterest and copyright complaints. Fuzzy ground #practicalmktr 
    • Have U used any of these 7 creative ways brand can use Pinterest? #practicalmktr 

      Simple Marketing Inspiration

      • Love this: happiness = ultimate economic indicator fr @fastco #practicalmktr 
      • Facebook's roots go way back. Puts social networks into human perspective #practicalmktr 
      • To help w Facebook Fan Page Timeline, think of your brand as people #practicalmktr 
      • Why you should measure social media via @markwschaefer #practicalmktr 
      • How brands will adapt to Facebook Pages Timeline: #practicalmktr 

        Brands Being Practical With Social Media

        • Google+ and charities: interesting perspective & use #practicalmktr 
        • Examples of how best Money/CNN cos 2work4 use social media: Marriott, Capital 1, Mayo Clinic, etc. #practicalmktr 
        • US State Department available on Google+ to hang out with #practicalmktr 
        • Gangs take to social media; so does law enforcement to monitor #practicalmktr 
        • Great insights on Pinterest-ing for healthcare and as brand #practicalmktr 

        Here's a link to previous editions of Practical Simple Marketing In the News.

        Thank you for reading!

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        Image credit: “#PracticalMktr” Wordle by CB Whittemore

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