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Friday, August 21, 2009 Supports Simple Marketing

FindAnyFloor.comMany thanks to Damien Patton and my friends at for so graciously inviting me to share my story. The result is this post titled Floor Industry Marketing Simplified | Simple Marketing Now.

In it, I share information about myself, my blogs and my business.

I discuss how I first became involved in social media marketing and the 2006 launch of Flooring The Consumer.

If you aren't familiar with Flooring The Consumer, it's where I write about the customer retail experience and businesses who are passionate about meeting the needs of their consumers. In addition to sharing best practices or tips and advice relevant to retailers who truly want to connect with customers, I also include advice from some of the best practitioners of social media for connecting with customers in a series called Bridging New & Old.

Finally, I explain how I became a 'simplifier' with Simple Marketing Now and the Simple Marketing Blog, filled with articles describing social media tools, how to integrate them into your marketing strategy, practical marketing examples and other resources that highlight practical marketing and the spirit of simple.

I hope you'll read the article and let me know if you have burning questions and issues that you feel require simplifying.

Thank you, Damien!

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