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Friday, April 9, 2010

Simple Pleasures: 3/12 through 4/8/10

Full Moon With Clouds, Simple PleasuresHave you been taking seriously the pursuit of Simple Pleasures?

I got side-tracked trying to catch up from the holiday weekend. I'm hopeful that sharing three weeks of #simplepleasures tweets with you with get me refocused.

Here is the transcript of Twitter updates that refer to #simplepleasures for the period 3/12 through 4/8/2010. The process of reading through these updates is in itself a simple pleasure, capturing marvelous simple moments and images that bring pleasure.

They refocus me. Is it the same for you?

Which is your favorite?

My latest #simplepleasures update didn't make it onto the transcript:

CBWhittemore: Intense sunshine this week means skunk cabbage now looks like leafy green shag carpet & forsythia = pure sunshine. #simplepleasures

What are your simple pleasures for today and the weekend?

Note: the photo above is of a full moon with clouds. I love seeing the moon. Although the photo doesn't do it justice, this one was particularly lovely.

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