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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Press Release Archives - 2010

Simple Marketing Now

Below are links to Simple Marketing Now LLC's 2010 Press Releases.

2010 Archives: Simple Marketing Now Press Releases

11/15/10: Being Found Online Critical to Success of Small to Medium Businesses as Customers Search Online [Found Online PDF]

11/8/10: How Effective Are Small to Medium Business Websites? [SMB Websites PDF]

11/1/10: Small and Medium Businesses Embrace LinkedIn Profiles As Vibrant Element of Business Marketing [LinkedIn PDF]

9/21/10: Nufloors Turns Flooring Customers Into Advocates [release available as Nufloors html or Nufloors pdf

8/23/10: Social Flooring Index Tracks Flooring Social Media Conversations [release available in HTML[#10-10] or PDF[#10-10]

6/29/10: Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NY Holds 2010 Elections [release available in HTML[#9-10] or PDF[#9-10]

6/21/10: Newly Launched Content Marketing Institute Offers Practical Content Marketing Advice [release available in HTML[#8-10] or PDF[#8-10]

5/24/10: Age of Conversation 3 Highlights Social Media Marketing Best Practices [release available in HTML [#7-10] or PDF [#7-10]

5/10/10: How To Manage A Company’s Social Reputation? Social Media Club North Jersey Shares Crucial Tips [release available in HTML [#6-10] or PDF[#6-10]]

4/20/10: Whittemore Addresses 'Flooring The Consumer' At The Luxury Marketing Council Orlando [release available in HTML[#5-10] or PDF[#5-10]]

4/15/10: Whittemore Addresses Integrated Social Media Marketing During Coverings 2010 [release available in HTML[#4-10] or PDF[#4-10]]

3/1/10:  Whittemore Raises Bar in Social Media Marketing Expertise [release available in HTML[#3-10] or PDF[#3-10]]

1/14/10:  Whittemore To Keynote Big Bob's Flooring Annual Convention [release available in HTML[#2-10] or PDF[#2-10]]

1/5/10:  Whittemore Addresses Social Media marketing Best Practices During Surfaces 2010 [release available in HTML[#1-10] or PDF[#1-10]]

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