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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'Like' Simple Marketing Now on Facebook: Get 20 Tips

'Like' Simple Marketing Now on Facebook: Get 20 Tips
If you haven't yet 'liked' Simple Marketing Now on Facebook, I invite you to do so now. In fact, if you do, you are in for a treat... in the form of two Top Ten Facebook tip sheets!

More specifically,

10 Tips for Getting Started with Facebook
10 Tips for Starting a Facebook Fan Page

I inaugurated both tip sheets during my July Kinnelon Library Social Media Presentation Series [this link includes the Slideshare to my overview presentation for the series] and got terrific feedback.

The best part about the Facebook focused presentation was learning that one participant, after considerable trepidation, decided to take the Facebook plunge [see Facebook & Social Media Wednesdays, Kinnelon Public Library]! She is now enjoying it under her terms.

Back to the Simple Marketing Now Facebook page - I'd love for your feedback on my 20 Facebook Tips. Are they helpful? Would you add to the list?

To download the tip sheets, simply click Like Simple Marketing Now, enter your email address and download.

Or, if you're already a Fan [aka a 'liker'], simply go to the Welcome Tab on the left hand sidebar. There you can enter your email address and download the documents.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing your comments on the Simple Marketing Now Facebook Fan Page [we might as well stay Facebook-focused, right?]

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