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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet Practical Marketer Christine B. Whittemore

My name: Christine B. Whittemore.

My official title is Chief Simplifier for Simple Marketing Now LLC where I focus on bridging traditional marketing with new digital and social tools.

My mission is to simplify customer interactions, and get to the essence of what adds value to those interactions, ensuring the best possible customer experience. In other words, be practical and focused on customers.

That makes me a practical marketer, which - when I think back - is something I've always done. Yes, there's often a dash of whimsy added in, but it's always practical.

I've been fully engaged in the social media space since June 2006 when I launched my personal business blog, Flooring The Consumer, a marketing blog about the retail experience and marketing to women, off- as well as online.

I've also participated in a few 'memes' in case you want to learn more about me:
Getting back to my practical streak... I'm intrigued with how new marketing tools can extend the reach and relevance of traditional marketing. You see, I've had the luxury of limited marketing budgets where the only way to see results is via high creativity. Thanks to new and social marketing tools, the creativity factor now makes for intriguing business possibilities.

In my previous role as Director, In-Store Innovation for Solutia's Wear-Dated carpet fiber, I launched The Carpetology Blog, a consumer blog focused on all things carpet - particularly fun and inspiring ones like carpet style and design, and practical ones like carpet care and how to buy carpet - in December 2007 to support the newly redesigned and social-media friendly site [launched in June 2008]. [Here's my introduction from that site: Meet C.B. Whittemore.]

All of that came about because of what I learned from Flooring The Consumer. I also wanted to integrate social marketing with traditional marketing and improve the customer experience.

In late 2008, I inaugurated a social media series on Flooring The Consumer about Bridging New & Old with perspectives from some of the finest marketers engaged in new marketing. I encourage you to read these interviews. They are sure to spark ideas that you hadn't considered or possibly even validate ones that you have.

On the personal front, I launched The Smoke Rise Blog in July 2008 to explore, document and promote my local community. [Here's my introduction post: Meet C.B. Whittemore.]

That's it for now.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your interest in Simple Marketing Now LLC and in the Simple Marketing Blog!

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