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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Floor Covering Weekly Columnist Christine B. Whittemore Articles

Floor Covering WeeklySince early 2006, I have been a columnist for Floor Covering Weekly, the premiere flooring industry trade publication.

Floor Covering Weekly Columnist Christine Whittemore

Flooring the consumer column about the customer retail experience

It all began when Kim Gavin, now Executive Editor, interviewed me in 2005 about marketing to women and the retail experience, two topics at the heart of Flooring The Consumer, my personal business blog. Part of that interview was published on 6/20/2005 in the 6/20-6/27/2005 issue of Floor Covering Weekly Online [registration nec.] in an article titled "Christine Whittemore on Marketing to Women" by Kimberly Gavin [see Marketing To Women]. The next part appeared in the 10/3-10/2005 print version of FCW in an article titled Marketing To Women - It's a Business Thing!

I started contributing articles in early 2006, and have them listed here. As new ones are published, I will add them to this list:

+ Welcome To My Home! published 3/7/2006
+ How to Achieve an Inspired Environment published 5/1-6/2006
+ Women Hold The Power of The Sale published 8/21-28/2006

+ Walk In Her Shoes published 3/26/2007
+ Feasting The Senses published 7/23-30/2007
+ A Consumer's Tale published 9/24/2007
+ In Search Of An Experience published 11/12/2007

+ Buying Decisions: From the Heart or the Mind? published 5/12/2008
+ Integrate Your Retail Experience published 9/15/2008
+ The Meaning Of Green... To Me published 11/3-10/2008

+ The Retail Experience Roadmap published 2/9-16/2009
+ Hide, seek, be found and connect published 5/18-25/2009
+ Ten tips to be found and connect published 10/5-12/2009
+ The greater green: How does it fit into your customers' lives? published 11/23-20/2009

+ Have you adapted your retail experience? published 1/25-2/1/2010 [The Surfaces Edition]
+ "Powered by service" published 2/25/2010

+ "Are you different (& better) enough to make people care? published 5/17-31/2010
+ "Women call the retail shots... Is your store woman friendly?" published 5/7-14/2010
+ "Be social in-store and online" published August 23/30, 2010
+ "Customers want solutions" published October 4/11, 2010

+ How to make 'social' meaningful in flooring, published January 3/10, 2011
+ Green should feel good, published January 2011
+ Surfaces 2011: Connecting with customers, published 2/21-28, 2011
+ Your marketplace: is it designed for experts or for consumers?, published July 4/11, 2011
+ Reenergize your store with digital, published October 3/10, 2011

+ Facebook, Twitter and Trivers, published March 19/26, 2012
+ The Green Retailer-Consumer Dilemma: It's About Trust!

As you read these articles, please let me know if they inspire other topics of interest to you.

Thanks for reading!

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