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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Humble News or Press Release

News Release re: Claude E. Shannon 9/30/55.
I'm curious. How do you use the news or press release? You do use it, right? I consider it one of the most basic, practical yet also most potent communication tools around.

I have felt this way for a long time. However, when I came across David Meerman Scott's The New Rules of PR and how to create a press release strategy for reaching buyers directly, I became absolutely ecstatic!

In fact, it shouldn't come as a surprise that not only do I believe in press releases, but I like to issue new ones frequently. So far, I've only posted a few here on the Simple Marketing Blog. However, go visit the Wear-Dated website Newsroom and check out all of the press releases I issued.... What do you think?

I issued releases about new product introductions, new programs, upcoming presentations, noteworthy milestones... Not only did I post them to the Wear-Dated website, but I also used an online distribution service to get the news out digitally and I regularly distributed copies of my press releases to the email distribution list I had put together.

Granted those were mostly trade focused press releases.

However, once the redesigned Wear-Dated website launched, I started creating and distributing consumer-focused press releases on a monthly basis in the Fall of 2008. Stories like Care for Your Carpet with Wear-Dated®, Color Your Home with Wear-Dated® and Wear-Dated® Offers Consumers Carpet Buying Tips. The stories were relevant to consumers seeking information about carpet and contributed to the growth of my e-Newsletter distribution list.

Interestingly, when I visit a corporate or brand website, the first place I check out is the Newsroom -- to determine the frequency of the stories told as well as the range. I'm disappointed when I don't find much, and encouraged when I do as it's a sign that this might be a company that values the very practical and useful press release.

Now, the press release is evolving. The newest format, Social Media Press Release intrigues me although I've not yet issued one. I plan to, though, especially since reading Todd Defren's -- originator of SMR format -- recent post The Dual Future of the News Release. In it, he refers to Valeria Maltoni's The Future of Journalism: Content Marketing - a fascinating discussion of the benefits of truly embracing content creation and content marketing. [For an example of the social media release, visit News@Cisco.]

News releases are part of content creation - something we all need to focus on in the digital world.

If you've not been making use of the news or press release, I do hope you'll reconsider. And, if you do, would you share with us your successes?

Thank you!

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