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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Social Media Marketing References - Links of Note

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I love discovering resources and references - particularly ones that relate to social media tools. Most continue to evolve rapidly and I inevitably learn something new when marketers share their practical take on how to make best use of social media for marketing. For that reason, I share with you these links of note for social media marketing references.

+ My Northern New Jersey neighbor, Steve Woodruff, has developed an excellent e-book for getting started in social networking. It's titled Build Your Own Opportunity Network and includes practical advice and valuable links to other resources.

+ CK always keeps me grounded and, in CK's Blog, she includes a page full of wonderful resources for Social Media: Planning Checklist [Questions to Consider].

+ Amber Naslund from Altitude Branding has developed two terrific e-books:
+ Beth Harte from The Harte of Marketing shares a powerful presentation that she created for the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America [PRSA] titled Implementing & Measuring Public Relationships…You can do it! and filled with practical advice on how to effectively measure, monitor and be successful with social media.

+ Finally, Conversation Agent Valeria Maltoni has developed Why Blog + 25 Tips to Make it Work.

Are there other practical resources you've found valuable? Let me know and I will add them to this list.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, neighbor!

  2. Steve, you are quite welcome! I love what you did with your Opportunity Network e-book.


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