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Friday, December 11, 2009

Simple News & Insights - December 2009

Simple News & Insights

Simple News & Insights: Available Now!

Can you believe? I almost forgot to share the news... The latest issue of Simple News & Insights, the eNewsletter from Simple Marketing Now, is available as of 12/02/2009.

You can access the December 2009 issue by clicking on this link to the 12/02/2009 archived issue of Simple News & Insights.

I've tweaked the format a bit [and even remembered to include the 'forward to a friend' link!]. I welcome your feedback.

If you need a point of comparison, here are links to the previous issues:
+ 09/29/09 issue of Simple News - Fall 2009
+ 07/13/09 issue of Simple News - Inaugural Issue: July 2009

And, if you really like what you see, perhaps you will consider subscribing to Simple News & Insights...

In Other eNewsletter News

Yes, there's more!

This week I issued the first Simple Marketing Now Flooring eNewsletter. You can check it out on Flooring The Consumer. Here's the post to look for: Flooring eNewsletter #1 From Simple Marketing Now.

As the name suggests, it is flooring-focused.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Any suggestions on how to improve either eNewsletter?


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