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Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Simple Sells' Discover Marketers

Les choses les plus simples by Ferran Jordà

Marketers discover that simple sells.

A headline, quote or statement to this effect is guaranteed to catch my attention. Possibly because 'simple' features so prominently.

In this case, Marketers such as Starbucks discover that simple sells caught my eye.

The article quickly asserted that "simple is better" and in "2010 marketing will increasingly stress less as more."

What's your take on that prediction?

The article focuses specifically on food with examples of new, simplified food introductions. The fewer the elements, ingredients or additions, the greater the likelihood that something will sell.

Makes sense. I sure don't want all of the extra, non-value added, potentially dangerous, and mostly unnecessary stuff dumped into my food [and body]. Simple is better and healthier. Tastier, too.

It's also more transparent.

Simple applies not just to food, but to everything: the choices we make as consumers and the options we create as marketers. Simple even has us wanting to do more with Getting Ahead By Being Local.

It allows us to combat the Paradox of Choice and eliminate the complexity we've created for customers. In fact, we can become customer heroes via simple by proclaiming an end to deliberately confusing, exhausting and driving customers away with all our choices.

I see real opportunity in simplifying.

By simplifying, we help customers understand the value associated with their options - something I touch on in Brick-and-Mortar vs. Web: Which Retail Experience Wins Out? We help make sense of choices. We filter, curate and aggregate to create value and high quality marketing engagements as John Battelle described in John Battelle & The Conversation Economy.

Simple's time has come.

As you think about 2010, how will you go about applying the philosophy of 'simple' to your business and marketing?

Image credit: Les choses les plus simples originally uploaded by Ferran. A work by: Ferran Jordà /

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