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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The State of Social Media Marketing 2010

The State of Social Media MarketingHave you had a chance to dive into MarketingProfs' research report on The State of Social Media Marketing?

As with most MarketingProfs content, I consider it a must read. 242 pages of charts and insights relating to social media marketing. I particularly appreciate that Tim McAtee, MarketingProfs director of research, specifically chose to examine company, individual marketer and consumer perspectives.

As Beth Harte explains in Introducing ‘The State Of Social Media Marketing’ Report, MarketingProfs "tapped into 5,140 MarketingProfs members that represent more than 40 industry verticals–from Fortune 100 companies to individual consultants–to determine, in an unbiased manner, how companies, marketers and consumers are truly and specifically engaging in and implementing social media programs."

I've poured through the data several times; each time I emerge with another Aha!

If you aren't sure about the report, then definitely listen in on Tim's recent online seminar during which he took us through research highlights in The Naked Truth: Insights from our Social Media Marketing Research. No charge.

In recommending this report to you, I confess that I am biased: I participated in the research.

Tim explains in the report introduction that "prior to writing the survey for our large quantitative study, we hand-picked 30 social media experts and asked them a battery of qualitative questions about social media. Many answers are quoted verbatim within the report. Most questions that made it into our larger quantitative survey came directly from the answers of these experts. We truly tried to make this an unbiased study of social media marketing, guided by social media marketers."

And, yes, I am quoted several times within the report!

On 1/9/10, Fast Company FC Expert Blogger Craig Pelkey-Landes described highlights and surprises from the research in State of Social Media Marketing 2010. According to Tim, he discovered that uptight overly litigious and open honest tech forward companies have seen equal success with social media marketing - contrary to his early assumptions - doing so with different tactics.

To me, that is why social media marketing is so powerful. It allows for a multitude of expressions as I am observing from monitoring the Social Flooring Index.

Craig included one of my quotes in his article to describe perspectives on how social media marketing will evolve in the next few years. My response:

It will grow. However, as more big orgs get on board, I sense conflict between the engagement aspects and the high-profile acquisition aspects. Challenge will be to preserve authenticity and transparency.” Christine B. Whittemore, Chief Simplifier, Simple Marketing Now

Thank you, Tim, for including my perspectives on social media marketing in your research on the State of Social Media Marketing.

Thank you, Craig, for your writeup on The State of Social Media Marketing.

Thank you, MarketingProfs, for sharing so many valuable insights about the state of marketing and social media marketing.

I'd love to hear your take on The State of Social Media Marketing.


  1. Hi CB,

    Thanks for this write-up and recommendation. I contribute to MarketingProfs newsletters, but I consider myself a member first, and there's so much of value there, that it's nice for an occasional shoutout like this, to call out esp. timely results. I'll take a good look at this research.

    On a recent contract in high tech, I was very encouraged to see the use of blogging and share this options on the company web site. Some techie folks (more the Moms, but others, too) were carrying around their IPhones and occasionally checking their Facebook accounts from work as well. LinkedIn was universal. Folks weren't there yet, as far as Twitter, but they definitely had questions about it.

    Overall, it was really encouraging to see how far social media's integration has come into the B2B workplace, since my last stint there.

  2. Peg, you are right! It's fascinating and encouraging to be able to witness how far we've come in relatively little time. I see it happening around me, too, and it surprises me even more when I encounter organizations that still don't get it.

    We are definitely on an interesting journey!

    Thanks for sharing your observations.

    Take care,


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