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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Press Release Archives - 2009

Simplify Your Marketing With Simple Marketing Now!Below are links to Simple Marketing Now LLC's 2009 Press Releases.

2009 Archives - 2009: Simple Marketing Now Press Releases

11/30/09: Simple Marketing Now's Social Flooring Index Captures Social State of Flooring Industry [release available in HTML[#10] or PDF[#10]

10/19/09: Bathroom Blogfest 2009 Draws 20 Bloggers To Focus On The Recession & Cleanliness in Overlooked Spaces [release available in HTML[#9] or PDF[#9] versions]

9/24/09:DOMOTEX & Simple Marketing Now Launch DOMOTEX Blog [release available in HTML[#8] or PDF[#8] versions]

9/3/09: Whittemore Publishes "Social Media's Collective Wisdom" e-Book [release available in HTML[#7] or PDF[#7] versions]

7/29/09: Whittemore Delivers Social Media Presentation To NJ Executives In Transition [release available in HTML[#6] or PDF[#6] versions]

6/24/09: Whittemore Joins Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NY Board of Directors [release available in HTML[#5] or PDF[#5] versions]

5/19/09: Whittemore Re-Appointed to SURFACES '10 Education Advisory Council [release available in HTML[#4] or PDF[#4] versions]

4/27/09: The Carpet and Rug Institute and Simple Marketing Now Announce the Launch of The Carpet And Rug Institute Blog [release available in HTML[#3] or PDF[#3] versions]

4/20/09: Whittemore Joins Floor Covering Institute [release available in HTML[#2] or PDF[#2] versions]

4/6/09: Whittemore Forms Simple Marketing Now LLC [release available in HTML[#1] or PDF[#1] versions]

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