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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

25 Flooring Women To Reckon With! FCN Anniversary Issue

25 Flooring Women To Reckon With! FCN Anniversary Issue
Talk about exciting news!...  Floor Covering News has just published its 25th anniversary issue - dated May 16/23, 2011. It's an impressive 132 page issue filled with milestones recapping the last twenty-five years in the floor covering industry. It also highlights 25 flooring women to reckon with!

Check it out by clicking on this link for the digital issue of Floor Covering News' 25th anniversary edition.

This issue of FCN includes reference to each of the 25 amazing women who are propelling the flooring industry forward... [And, I am included. Wow!]  Several are women I have interviewed for my Women in Flooring series:

Deb Binder was a very early contributor to Flooring The Consumer with her post Putting Women in Their Place - Front and Center.

Vickie Gilstrap has contributed color stories and carpet style inspiration to the Carpetology Blog.

25 Flooring Women - FCN Anniversary Issue
I've worked with Dana Teague because of Hanley Wood's Surfaces Education Advisory Council.

And, I've desperately wanted to tour Emily Morrow's floor covering showroom for visions of the future of flooring.

Other women included in FCN's 25th Anniversary edition are:

Georgina Sikorski
Kathy Young
Ann Wicander
Jane Walker
Donna Mudd
Jeanne Matson
Kimberly Matsoukas
Ann Knight
Andrea Greenleaf
Terry Gray
Patricia Flavin
Patti Faisan
Rosanna Chiadez
Lisa Browning
Pam Bowe
Maryanne Adams

I am honored to be in such company!

Congratulations and Thank You, Floor Covering News!



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