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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Blog Tree: New Growth Includes Simple Marketing Blog!

The Blog Tree: New Growth Includes Simple Marketing Blog!
Joy! Simple Marketing Blog has been included in a magnificent visualization [aka infographic] titled The Blog Tree: New Growth created by Eloqua, and the brilliant JESS3 about business bloggers.

The infographic brilliantly simplifies how the ~70 blogs offer meaning and relate to one another. It's a brilliant combination for discovering fresh resources!

I invite you to visit the JESS3 blog article about The Blog Tree: New Growth.  It takes you through the various iterations that led to the final Blog Tree visualization.

Interestingly, Edelman’sBlogLevel measurement tool was used to identify, evaluate and spotlight "young blogs that stand out in a saturated blogosphere by consistently producing remarkable content." As I learned during a recent demonstration, BlogLevel paints a more holistic picture of influence or remarkableness because it examines frequency of posts, subscribers, SEO value and more, rather than only focusing on traffic and inbound links.

Per the press release,

"Like its predecessor, the New Growth edition of The Blog Tree explores the relationship between marketing, technology and data visualization bloggers, envisioning blogs as leaves on various branches and rooted by high traffic news and technology blogs. The new tree is made up of about 70 fresh blogs – those that were introduced after January 1, 2009 – to recognize their achievement in earning trust, influence and popularity in a mature and crowded market."

I can't describe how thrilled - and honored - I am that Simple Marketing Blog has been included.

At the same time, I'd like to call attention to the other blogs included. They represent brilliance and intense inspiration and include several wonderful online friends, too!

By the way, if you would like to have your blog considered for the next iteration of The Blog Tree, visit the Eloqua Facebook Page and tag yourself in the image. 

You can also follow all of these resources on Twitter via the Blog Tree Twitter List

Design/Data Visualization:
Cool Infographics
Fast Codesign
Pop Chart Lab
Column Five Media
The Inforgraphics Blog
Information is Beautiful
Making Data Work

Established Company:
It’s All About Revenue
Cloud Blog
Lewis 360
Q1 Blog
Cloud Net Suite
Openview Blog
Technically Marketing
Chatter blog
The Employer Solutions Blog
Simple Marketing Blog

Social Media B2B
About Foursquare
Content Marketing Institute Blog
B2B Bloggers
Savvy B2B Marketing
Pushing Social
Tech Busy

Personal (Marketer):
B2B Marketing Insider
The Sales Lion
Brian Vellmure’s CRM Strategies Blog
Mack Collier
Helicopter to Work
Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Personal (Author):
Brass Tack Thinking
Pam Moore The Marketing Nut
Pros in Training
The Dragonfly Effect Blog
The Change Agent

Personal (Journalist):
Communications Conversations
Jolie O’Dell
Villagers with Pitchforks
Robin Wauters
Chris Koch’s B2B Marketing Blog
Social Nerdia
A New Generation Marketer
Jessica Lawrence

Y Combinator
Brain Traffic Blog
The Official Klout Blog
The Empire Avenue Blog
Perfect Market
Likeable Media Blog
Brafton Blog
the “er” blog
Tippingpoint Labs Blog
Spark Boutik

Root System:
Marketing Sherpa
Venture Beat
Read Write Web
The Next Web
GOOD Magazine
The Blog Tree: New Growth from Eloqua JESS3

Here's my official badge! A cross between a leaf and a bird. I'm thrilled to pieces and have already added it to my blog sidebar as well as to the Simple Marketing Now website page about the Simple Marketing Blog.

If you'd like to download or embed The Blog Tree, it's available atIt’s All About Revenue today.

Enough about me... what's your reaction to The Blog Tree? Do you find it effective for learning about other blog resources? Does it draw you in? 

Let me know in the comments.

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