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Friday, October 7, 2011

Practical Simple Marketing in the News - 10/7/11

Practical Simple Marketing In the News
Happy Friday! Here are the links and resources shared on Twitter and tagged #practicalmktr grouped here together in Practical Simple Marketing In The News for 10/7/11.

Practical Marketing Advice
  • 20 Hidden LinkedIn tricks from @hubspot #practicalmktr
  • Gr8 advice: 15 tips small business PPC advertising #practicalmktr
  • Wisdom on why, H2 use social media for customer service. Note bully advice fr @drnatalie #practicalmktr
  • Twitter & Bing renew real-time search relationship. Google did not. Implications? #practicalmktr
  • How to 'cloudify' your work easily fr FastCo, #practicalmktr ideas 4 Google docs, DropBox
  • Building the case for bigger social media budget: track results, build analogies, create axnbl insights #practicalmktr
  • Nice recap of how to launch a Twitter chat: #practicalmktr
  • Why email still matters in a social media world. Note tips! #practicalmktr
Simple Marketing Inspiration
  • Why you have no friends. ClickZ explains h2 do it right: have passion, be sincered, be #practicalmktr
  • Love these 3 biz lessons inspired by counterinsurgency manual: #practicalmktr
  • Focus social media on loyalists rather than prospects. do you agree? #practicalmktr
  • H2 motivate friends, followers: 'U gotta C Bway show' via social media ~Reichheld & loyalty #practicalmktr

    Brands Being Practical With Social Media

    • How California Tortilla handles customer feedback online. Notice consistent, co-wide approach #retailexp #practicalmktr
    • Case study material: Singapore Airlines finally discovers Facebook, Twitter #practicalmktr
    • Worth watching: Walmart intends to reshape future of shopping #retailexp by mapping social genome #practicalmktr
    • How NPR media strategist Andy Carvin tweets revolutions. Fascinating #practicalmktr
    • Social media case study: Brooklyn Museum. Lesson: don't spread 2 thin. Gr8 discn in comments #practicalmktr

    Here's a link to previous editions of Practical Simple Marketing In the News.

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    Image credit: “#PracticalMktr” Wordle by CB Whittemore

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