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Friday, October 14, 2011

Practical Simple Marketing in the News - 10/14/11

Practical Simple Marketing In the News
Here follow the 10/14/11 links and resources shared on Twitter and tagged #practicalmktr grouped here together in Practical Simple Marketing In The News.

Practical Marketing Advice

  • Search optimization and social media wisdom from @storyspinner #practicalmktr
  • Who is using Facebook Subscribe? What do you think of it? #practicalmktr
  • What Facebook changes mean for marketers, advertisers #practicalmktr
  • Valuable #practicalmktr advice on h2 ensure Facebook doesn't tear down your wall

    Simple Marketing Inspiration

    • How small businesses can stay ahead of Facebook changes: #practicalmktr What R U doing?
    • Fascinating glimpse into value Twitter offers worldwide for communication #practicalmktr

      Brands Being Practical With Social Media

      • Case study example: religion on Facebook, more specifically Jesus Daily #practicalmktr
      • Brand marketing interview: how SBux transformed coffee fr commodity to brand #practicalmktr
      • The Starbucks Card makes transactions social. Love it @TheBeanCast #practicalmktr
      • How a brand like KFC embraces social media: Marvelous! #practicalmktr

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      Image credit: “#PracticalMktr” Wordle by CB Whittemore

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