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Friday, April 13, 2012

Practical Simple Marketing in the News - 4/13/12

Practical Simple Marketing In the News
Here follows a double dose of Practical Simple Marketing in the News, filled with delicious articles. These are all links and resources shared on Twitter and tagged #practicalmktr grouped here together in Practical Simple Marketing In The News for the week ending 4/13/12.

Simple & Practical Marketing Data

  • From Pinterest to Purchase: data on how consumers use it #practicalmktr
  • Being socially irresponsible in business: Good data, insights re: big biz and SMBs #practicalmktr
  • RT @TomPick RT @markusrach What’s driving social media? 12 must-know facts Brilliant #practicalmktr

    Practical Marketing Advice

    • Thinking Outside the Inbox - 10 point checklist for your current email campaigns: via Marketo #practicalmktr
    • 50 ~free social media tools for brands: #practicalmktr
    • Fascinating: social media may ease negative word-of-mouth impact! #practicalmktr
    • Good reminders in Just Say No to Bad SEO #practicalmktr
    • Mari Smith's 21 key Facebook Timeline for Pages points to know #practicalmktr
    • 4 keyword research mistakes to avoid fr @MarketingProfs #practicalmktr
    • Local Search 5 must dos fr @MarketingProfs #practicalmktr

      Simple Marketing Inspiration

      • 7 entrepreneurial + #practicalmktr lessons from 'shark tank' NB: be nice!
      • This reads to me like intense Zmot activity: mobile complicating path to conversion #practicalmktr
      • Love the 'gray area' Etch-a-Sketch Attitude! Bravo #practicalmktr
      • Urgent! Start scheduling boredom time each day! #practicalmktr
      • 21 counter-intuitive #practicalmktr break ideas to boost productivity, creativity
      • Which do you prefer? SEO or PPC? #practicalmktr
      • Here R 3 antisocial brands: Do U know otherss? #practicalmktr
      • Can marketing learn from movements, uprisings? Love these insights@ #practicalmktr
      • Don't push product on Pinterest! Cr8 Boards re: culture, lifestyle based trends, behind-scenes stuff #practicalmktr

        Brands Being Practical With Social Media

        • How Twitter is fighting crime in Kenya. Wow! #practicalmktr
        • Inside the marketing playbook of the New York Giants #practicalmktr
        • Delicious #practicalmktr examples: Peugeot Pinterest competition, law + social media, Intuit Pinterest infographic
        • Love this! #practicalmktr insights from US Army's social media industrial complex!
        • RT @emmaemail: Email wins again @jaybaer Research: Americans Hate Social Media Promos (#s overwhelming #practicalmktr
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        Image credit: “#PracticalMktr” Wordle by CB Whittemore

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