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Friday, May 28, 2010

Social Media Marketing GPS: A Must-Read Guide

Social Media Marketing GPSLeave it to Diva Marketing's Toby Bloomberg to deliver on the ultimate social media marketing experiment: an insightful business book written on Twitter, 140 characters at a time. She has just published it: Social Media Marketing GPS, A Guide to Social Media, 1 Tweet at a Time and I urge you to read it, savor it and learn from it.

Social Media Marketing GPS Background

The book is based on interviews that Toby conducted last summer 2009 via Twitter with 40 prominent marketers from Canada, England, India and the United States on specific topics relating to "how to leverage social media, not in terms of the technology, but as a vehicle to build and nurture stronger business relationships."

I'm particularly honored that she invited me to participate [check out Chapter 3 about listening]. I found the experience unlike any other Twitter interaction; it was intense and required deep focus. It was also exhilarating and I felt renewed appreciation for brevity and concise thinking.

Click here to download the 91 page eBook Social Media Marketing GPS. Toby has organized each chapter into a 'tweet intro' followed by the relevant Twitter interview[s], a review of key concepts and suggestions on how to continue the conversation.

The chapters and their contributors are as follow:

Table of Contents

Foreward: Shel Israel
Introduction: Toby Bloomberg

Chapter 1: Why Social Media?
Interviews with
Paul Chaney, Ann Handley

Chapter 2: The New Enterprise Direction
Interviews with
Geoff Livingston, Marc Meyer

Chapter 3: Social Media Research: The 1st Listening
Interviews with C.B. Whittemore, Joel Rubinson

Chapter 4: Social Media Ethics
Interviews with
Wayne Hurlbert, Mack Collier

Chapter 5: Strategy First
Interviews with
BL Ochman, Rajesh Lalwani

Chapter 6: Tactics Second: Blogs, Twitter, Social Networks, Podcasts, Vlogs, RSS, Widgets
Interviews with
Julie Squires, Yvonne DiVita, Connie Reece, AV Flox, Nancy White, Neville Hobson, Jim Turner, Roxanne Darling, Bill Flitter, Nick Burcher, Marianne Richmond

Chapter 7: Social Media & Branding
Interviews with
Dana VanDen Heuvel, Beth Harte

Chapter 8: Blogger Relations
Interviews with
Susan Getgood, Elisa Camahort

Chapter 9: Sponsored Conversations
Interviews with
Scott Monty, Melanie Notkin

Chapter 10: Metrics That Make Sense
Interviews with
Peter Kim, Kate Niederhoffer

Chapter 11: Solving Business Challenges
Interviews with
Lionel Menchaca, Frank Eliason, Donna Lynes Miller, John Maley

Chapter 12: Relationships 1st, 2nd & Last
Interviews with
Tim Jackson, Liz Strauss, Lucretia M Pruitt, Kimberly Coleman

After Foreward: David Meerman Scott

Don't wait! Download your own copy of the book and please let everyone else you know about this must-read guide titled "Social Media Marketing GPS"!

Thank you, Toby, and Congratulations!


  1. CB - Thanks for the shout out and kind words about Social Media Marketing GPS. I believe one of the reasons the book will stand the test of time, no matter the next shiny toy, is we wrote it from a strategic view not tactical. Your case study, in 140 character thoughts, was not only smart .. but fun! Isn't that the best way to learn ~ from smart, fun people?

  2. Toby, you are right on all counts and Social Media Marketing GPS captures that and more. Thanks for taking on these marvelous projects and so generously involving us. Definitely fun! Best, CB


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