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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Social Media Club North Jersey: Customer Feedback In a Social World

Social Media Club North Jersey: I love you. I hate you. Customer Feedback in a Social World.My Social Media Club North Jersey presentation, titled "I love you. I hate you. Customer Feedback in a Social World." attracted an intimate yet passionate crowd on May 25th, 2010 in Secaucus, NJ. Many thanks to those there for participating and contributing such valuable perspectives and insights!

Janet Sullivan from JKS Webdesign shared her experiences with Viking. Chris Kieff from 1 Good Reason took us through the Nestle Social Media Meltdown Case Study and Devon Valenti shared learnings and best practices from CoPilot Live North America. A very special thank you to Carly Pearson from Axiom Communications Inc. for her help in making the event a success! Thanks, too, to Mike Menche, whom we missed, for his gracious support.

We touched on learnings from past Social Media Club North Jersey events. Namely, Urban Outfitters and Why Companies Should Consider Adopting a Social Media Policy, as Suzanne Herrmann Brock explained in April.

We also had a fascinating discussion around expectations of customer service responsiveness via social media - as consumers and as business people. Chris Kieff [Twitter: @ckieff] asked his Twitter followers who offered the following feedback:

@ckieff Depending on the industry, 2-3 business days. Some longer, especially if you know there's a lot of red tape around your answer.

From @kimberlydenz:
@ckieff If they have twitter and fb, they need a social media policy. I expect a response within a few hours. Making me wait a day is rude.

From @SweetSoaps:
@ckieff answer in 24 hours no excuse

From @sherrilynne:
@ckieff 24 hours tops.

From @ggertz:
Less than 4 hours - or they are dead to me RT @ckieff: Any more comments on how quickly you expect a company to respond via social media?

@ckieff Familiar with the sunset rule? Respond to all incoming communications before the end of they day

From @mattyouens:
@ckieff my experience has been a response in either a few hours or not at all.

Our offline group expressed a bit more time tolerance, although we all emphatically stated that we expect acknowledgment and followup.

What's your take on the question?

While you're thinking, here is the presentation itself. I hope to add a video link with highlights from the presentation in the near future.
Note: you can find links to the videos I played in Simplifying Social Media. For Research, Connection & Differentiation.


  1. nice compilation of expectations CB.

  2. Chris, thanks for getting us going with input from your Twitter followers! I really appreciate your involvement in the presentation. Best, CB


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