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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AMA Podcast Series: Social Media Marketing GPS

AMA Podcast Series: Social Media Marketing GPS

Now available from the AMA Resource Library: Social Media Marketing GPS Podcast Series with Toby Bloomberg! 

Toby Bloomberg, Diva Marketing extraordinaire and author of Social Media Marketing GPS, the first ever business book written on Twitter [see Social Media Marketing GPS: A Must-Read Guide], contacted me recently with exciting news! 

Toby explained that Dennis Dunlap, CEO of AMA, loved Social Media Marketing GPS. As a result, AMA would partner with her to produce a series of podcasts to support the book.  All 40 prominent marketers from Canada, England, India and the United States who participated in Twitter interviews for the book were invited to take part to further develop the conversations started on Twitter.

I can't imagine a more exciting development. As I told Toby, it feels as if the whole process is coming full circle with these podcasts.

Here is the link to the page listing all of the interviews in the AMA Social Media Marketing GPS Podcast series.

If you haven't already, definitely download a copy of Social Media Marketing GPS, by Toby Bloomberg.

Last Wednesday, September 8th, 2010, Joel Rubinson and I recorded our podcast with Toby on the subject of listening. Nancy Pekala, AMA Director of Online Content, introduced the session.Ours was the eighth in the series.

In true Toby innovative fashion, the podcasts reinforce the short Twitter concept of Social Media Marketing GPS, lasting only about 14 minutes. We each started out reading a few of our original interview tweets - Toby read from her introduction to the chapter. [The idea of reading tweets came from what Neville Hobson did in his original post describing the series.] From there, Toby introduced discussion questions about listening...

Social Media Marketing GPSFor example, 
  • Who owns listening?
  • How does listening fit into traditional research?
14 minutes goes by fast. Especially with a topic such as listening.  To be continued, I hope.  The three of us had so much passion for the topic and the importance of listening in social media marketing and business, we are considering a longer format forum to continue. Stay tuned for more info.

Here is the link to our podcast on Social Media Marketing GPS: Research Insights. Social Media Research: Crafting an Actionable Listening Strategy.

If you're a member of AMA, I expect you'll be hearing about the podcast series in weekly and monthly e-newsletters, through tweets [follow AMA on Twitter], in social media focused events, and with AMA's 76 chapters.

If you aren't, you might consider joining.

Regardless, do listen to the podcast series. Social Media Marketing GPS - both book and podcast series - are fabulous resources for those looking for a road map to social media success.

Would you let me know what stands out for you?



  1. C.B. - Thank you for your over the top kind words. Social Media Marketing GPS was definitely a project from the heart where people generously shared their knowledge and took a chance to push the envelope just a little further. It is a demonstration of the best in social media both in both content and in kindness.

  2. Oh, Toby. It's an awesome project from the heart and it keeps getting better and better. Thanks for including me.



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