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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Managing Your Social Reputation: Highlights

Managing Your Social Reputation: Highlights
I can't thank you enough for making my inaugural MarketingProfs online seminar titled "Managing Your Reputation in a Social World" so successful! I was blown away by the enthusiasm that seminar participants expressed in the online chat as well as the #MProfsPRO Twitter chat and thoroughly enjoyed the questions - not to mention the awesome feedback!

Several similar questions have come up this week during my Coverings seminars and I plan to address them in a separate post.

[Click on this link for the #MProfsPRO Twitter chat transcript for the event.]

Special thanks to my friends at MarketingProfs - Kathy Bushman, Anne Schweitzer and Valerie Witt - for their expert guidance.

If you missed the presentation you can still experience it via the seminar recording of Managing Your Reputation in a Social World. Be sure to listen through to the end since the Q&A session conversation was lively.

I consider the topic of reputation management fascinating - not to mention hugely relevant - and thought I would recap here the links that I shared in my presentation.

Managing Your Reputation in a Social World - References

I referred several times to the Socialnomics Social Media Revolution Refresh video. It's packed with good data and perspective, not least of which is a reference to Dale Carnegie who, as far back as 1936 with his bestseller How To Win Friends and Influence People, urged us to "listen first, sell second."

The benefits of participating in social media:

About conflict in the marketplace:

Extremes in the marketplace:

Age of Conversation Opportunities

What About Negative Feedback?

Managing Your Social Reputation
Anticipating the Worst:
Negative Reviews Aren't All Bad!
Managing Your Reputation in a Social World Means:

Just Spotted on the subject of Managing Your Social Reputation:

Thanks again!



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