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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Practical Simple Marketing in the News - 3/15/11

Practical Simple Marketing In the News
I'm off to Coverings 2011 and thought you would enjoy a less intensely packed issue of links and resources tagged #practicalmktr relating to Practical Simple Marketing In The News.

[If you are interested in the customer and retail experience, check out Flooring The Consumer with Retail Experience links #retailexp.]

Practical Marketing Advice

  • Lovely wisdom fr Sean Howard / Craphammer on Google Analytics #practicalmktr
  • Search and social continue to evolve: #practicalmktr
  • Outdoor advertising reinvents itself via social #practicalmktr
  • Optimizing videos for bing, google search engines: inform, engage, keywords #practicalmktr
  • Nice! RT @heidicohen: 10 tips 4 #socialmedia introverts Via SmartBlog on SocialMedia #smchat #practicalmktr
  • Facebook reach and fascination: video #practicalmktr
  • Must read post + comments: RT @markwschaefer: Social Media Case study: 6 ideas to get yr blog out of fog #practicalmktr
  • Fascinating discussion about Twitter metrics happening on @blueglass by Amy Vernon #practicalmktr
  • New to Twitter? Here R the 4 stages of 'getting' twitter #practicalmktr
  • Integrating social and mobile is revolution not an evolution in marketing says BCG John Rose #practicalmktr
  • Have U optimized your ecommerce site, including customer reviews? #practicalmktr

Simple Marketing Inspiration

  • Attn all marketers: social media is about relationships AdAge article re: social & Egypt #practicalmktr
  • How social media helps companies become part of civic landscape #practicalmktr
  • "There's nothing gender specific in running a business well" #practicalmktr
  • The evolution of listening and social intelligence. Converseon interview #practicalmktr
  • Interesting insights re: nature of social media fr Egypt revolution #practicalmktr
  • It pays to be happy! FastCo article about corporate pursuit of happiness. This makes me happy #practicalmktr
  • Lovely B2B perspective on social media in these links fr @dianekrose #practicalmktr

    Brands Being Practical With Social Media

    • Enjoyed this interview w @Century 21 Bev Thorne re: using social media to connect with home buyers #practicalmktr
    • How 1-800 Flowers uses Facebook to engage w customers #practicalmktr
    • Can hyperlocal news make money? Patch and NYT's The Local as examples #practicalmktr
    • Learnings from Kodak on H2 apply social media to B2B based on B2C experience #practicalmktr
    Here's a link to previous editions of Practical Simple Marketing In the News.

    Thank you for reading!



    Image credit: “#PracticalMktr” Wordle by CB Whittemore

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