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Thursday, April 9, 2009

DC Goodwill Fashion Blog: Simple Marketing In Action

Have you heard of the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog? [added 2/12/10: note new DC Goodwill Fashionista Blog location] It's practical, engaging, effective and integrates marvelously into DC Goodwill's overall marketing strategy and greater mission. It's also a wonderful case of simple marketing in action.

I first learned about the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog when I heard Diva Marketer Toby Bloomberg interview Fashionista Em Hall during the 2008 BlogHer Business conference in NYC when the blog was about 9 months old. [Here's my summary of the session: BlogHer Business 2008: The Diva & The Fashionista.] Em Hall's passion for fashion and the DC Goodwill stores is powerful and contagious, as you can tell when you read the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog. She certainly thrilled and inspired and absolutely delighted me!

Imagine how pleased I was to come across these two pieces about Em Hall and the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog!

First, published the following interview with Em Hall [subscribers, please click on this link to Goodwill's Fashion Blog's a Success on YouTube] that Ragan describes as follows: "The DC Goodwill Fashionista, real name Em Hall who is the retail marketing manager for Goodwill in the greater DC area, sat down with Mark Ragan to discuss how Goodwill's blog has been a rampant success for them."

Some of the points Em makes about measures of success include:
+ the blog now averages 3500 readers per week
+ commentors engage fully with the DC Goodwill Fashion blog's content
+ blog readership continues to increase
+ blog retention rate [i.e., the number of repeat visitors] averages 62 to 63%
+ readers tend to become shoppers of the DC Goodwill e-commerce store [one out of 14 readers to be specific!]

Em strongly recommends adhering to a consistent schedule for posting to the blog. She does so three times per week, with Tuesday's post being the most popular [it's about the Goodwill Good Buy of the Week].

Next I came across an article by Eric Brown titled Put This In Your ROI Pipe And Smoke It [which has gone off into the ozone since I read it; luckily I found another version on Search Engine Marketing News/Put This In Your ROI Pipe And Smoke It].

I like the point that Eric's article makes about social media marketing: with SMM "you are connecting with your Customer in a much different fashion. You are creating a Relationship."

So, what do you think of the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog? Do you agree that it represents an excellent example of Simple Marketing In Action? How might such an approach benefit your customer relationships?

Here's one more article about the DC Goodwill's Fashion Blog - The Blogger Beat: DC Goodwill Fashionista from last summer.

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