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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Practical Work Tools

Contrasted Tools originally uploaded by beautyinmetal.
I appreciate easy to use, practical work tools that make me more efficient. I bet you do, too.

I have three to share with you -- two newly discovered ones and another that I've started using regularly for business.

The first is a web collaboration tool called Yugma for desktop sharing and online meetings. It comes in three flavors: Free, Pro and Skype Edition.

I've been using web collaboration tools for many years. The clunkiest was NetMeeting. The most elegant was the latest version of Centra -- originally deployed at Solutia when we converted over to SAP -- which I was delighted to Beta test for sales and marketing purposes.

Thanks to Centra, I conducted training sessions with our Wear-Dated Representatives and online presentations with customers. It was an ideal tool for resolving application issues, brainstorming online and collaborating on projects.

No surprise, identifying an acceptable alternative was priority number one... And Yugma has been absolutely fantastic!

It's easy to use and easy for viewers to join online meetings. In fact, so far, I've had fewer issues getting others set up than with many of the other applications. The free version is robust and the Pro version even nicer with extra features [e.g., advance scheduling of sessions, white board tools, etc.]. I suggest you check it out.

The next tool, although not new, has taken on new meaning for me. Skype. Do you use it?

Skype enables person to person conversations via your computer. For free.

It's also the most cost effective way to call landlines or cell phones long distance and internationally that I'm aware of.

Then, factor in the Yugma plugin for Skype....

The last tool I share with you is authorSTREAM for sharing PowerPoint presentations online.

Think SlideShare, without the problems. That's right. I can't get SlideShare to fully load my presentations [see ExecuNet Presentation: Social Media Primer]. And, I haven't yet gotten resolution.

authorSTREAM is my solution.

So, go ahead. Try my practical work tools, and let me know what you think. And let me know, too, if there others I should explore.

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