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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Painless Insight Planning For Market Research

As a practical marketer, I admire approaches, thought processes and guides that help to simplify and make sense. One such that relates to Market Research is Susan Abbott's Painless Insight Planning e-book.

I consider Susan Abbott, Abbott Research + Consulting, a fellow practical marketer and kindred spirit. She offers both valuable and actionable advice and her observations always make me think. As a qualitative researcher, she knows how to ask questions, listen and uncover insights.

Some of that you'll discover if you check out her Customer Experience Crossroads blog. Also, read the insights she shared with me in Social Media Series: Susan Abbott on Bridging New & Old, my interview series about bridging new marketing and traditional marketing.

Painless Insight Planning represents a practical solution to preparing for a market research project. It will help you identify and articulate what your objectives are before you start your project. Susan explains that too often, at the start of a project, clients don't have a clear purpose in mind for research. Unclear objectives mean that the research project won't deliver all of the value that it could. Leading to wasted resources and missed insight opportunities.

I could have used this kind of a guide when I started out. I encourage you to download it and put Susan's suggestions and questions to work.

And, then, let me know what kinds of insights you uncover from your research. I know Susan will be interested.

By the way, Susan profiled Flooring The Consumer, my blog about the retail experience and marketing to women, in a three-part series. The links are listed in Customer Experience Crossroads Profiles Flooring The Consumer.

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