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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: Climate Change Simplified

Blog Action Day #BAD09Happy Blog Action Day 2009! It happens every year and, thanks to the involvement of bloggers from around the world - 7,656 blogs from 140 countries with 11,521,123 readers as of 11:05pm 10/14/09 - who all publish about the same topic on Blog Action Day, it draws attention to a cause that matters to us all. This year it's Climate Change.

I don't know about you, but I consider the notion of Climate Change and my ability to play a role in it overwhelming.

My solution? Simplify!

Simplify and consider the matter from a smaller, more actionable perspective where through my actions and decisions I can play a part in effecting change and affecting Climate Change for the good.

My friend Rich Nadworny - who took part in my Bridging New & Old interview series - sent me a link to an article titled How Simplicity Can Help Creativity, Briefly.

The article explains how complication gets in the way of thinking clearly, productively and creatively. And it offers 11 worthwhile suggestions on how simplicity can help with creating solutions. Certainly appropriate for a topic like Climate Change and others!

My favorite suggestion: "When you're overwhelmed, focus on less."

Given that I'm a practical marketer, I decided to focus in on practical, searching on practical solutions to Climate Change.

I came across Climate Solutions - Practical Solutions to Global Warming and Common Sense on Climate Change: Practical Solutions to Global Warming from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Since I was intrigued in how we get our children involved [a topic I cover for Blog Action Day in the Smoke Rise & Kinnelon Blog in Climate Change & Kiel School] I thought Be part of the solution and Teaching Climate Solutions looked particularly worthwhile.

And, then, I found from Scientific American in its November 2007 issue an article that offers 10 Solutions for Climate Change worth considering:

1. Forego Fossil Fuels
2. Infrastructure Upgrade
3. Move Closer to Work
4. Consume Less
5. Be Efficient
6. Eat Smart, Go Vegetarian?
7. Stop Cutting Down Trees
8. Unplug
9. One Child
10. Experiment Earth

Perhaps all aren't options for you at the moment, however, being aware of them and thinking about them allow you to focus in on the one or two changes you can put into effect that mean that we are a few steps closer to Climate Change.

I'm consciously trying to drive less; I've moved as close as I possibly can to work; I'm definitely consuming less and maximizing efficiency. I hadn't thought about the ramifications of going vegetarian. I hope that all of the paper I recycle [which is terrific to use with clipboards] has saved a small forest; and I have one child.

I'll try to unplug although that's a tough one.

How 'bout you? How do you plan to simplify so you can take part in doing good for our world?

Happy Blog Action Day 2009!

PS: This article from the Fall 2009 issue of Smith Alumnae Quarterly describes "Greening the roof of a 'green' building. Ford Hall's environmental focus starts at the top" which looks to be the beginning of a magical solution for insulating the building's roof and managing storm water.

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