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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Links of Note: Social Media Marketing Wisdom

bokeh link fence originally uploaded by Will Montague.
Will Montague's bokeh link fenceI have marvelous Links of Note to share with you! They are filled with wisdom and insight on how to make sense of all of these new, digital and social media marketing tools.

Building The B2B Business Case for Social Media Marketing: A 10-Benefit Slide Show for B2B Professionals by CK makes a strong case for businesses to start engaging with customers. She offers numerous resources, including a presentation, to help make the case.

Having a plan is critical to success with social media. Because "the barrier [to entry with social media] is the knowledge of how to use them." Which is why Lisa Barone urges Creating Your Social Media Plan. More specifically,

1. Secure Your Brand
2. Set Your Metrics
3. Know Who You Are
4. Determine Where to Build Satellite Communications
5. Create Rules for Engagement
6. Engage. Genuinely.
7. Assess Your Success.

In 7 Things I Learned Online That I Use At Work, Valeria Maltoni details benefits and learnings from the age of conversation...

1. Ideas come from anywhere
2. Sharing and deciding are not the same thing
3. Talking needs to be paired with doing
4. Simple does not mean easy [Yes, I like this one!]
5. Transparency is key
6. The currency of modern business is adaptability
7. Sometimes, doing more means accomplishing less.

Olivier Blanchard discusses in this SlideShare the Basics of Social Media ROI. It puts into enterprising perspective what matters for measuring a meaningful return on social media investment.

And, then, two resources relevant to two previous posts:

+ One titled "Social media skills go to the head of the class" from PRWeek discusses the importance of real-life proficiency in social media for both students and teachers. I've just added this to Education & Social Media

+ McLuhan, Socrates and Edith Wharton on Social Media by Joel Postman offers wise perspective from mostly dead authors. I've added this reference to Marketing Effectively During An Information Revolution.

What do you think?

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