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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Integrating Social Into Traditional: 10 Daily Fix Tips For Remarkable Blogger Events

Integrating Social Into Traditional: 10 Daily Fix Tips for A Remarkable Blogger EventMy latest post on the MarketingProfs Daily Fix appeared on 10/6/09. It's titled "Integrating Social Into Traditional: 10 Tips For A Remarkable Blogger Event."

The genesis for this post was a blogger event I attended earlier this year. Having taken part in several blogger events, I had high expectations for quality interaction, for well-thought out details, for traditional basics, in what looked to be classier surroundings than normal.

Although I met a charming person whose conversation about his products inspired me, I was disappointed. The event could have been so much more than it was -- regardless of whether it was blogger focused or not, and even moreso given the blogger angle.

I'm a practical marketer. I'm also intensely optimistic and like to learn from situations. My solution to this type disappointment is to think through events I've organized and attended, compare and contrast them [something I learned to do well studying Art History at Smith College], and compile a list of Tips that integrate social into traditional and pave the way for an Outstanding Event with Bloggers.

Hence the article.

A special thanks for two additional tips that my commentors contributed:
+ Don't overlook the value of picking up the phone [from Sonny Gill]
+ Consider having greeters at the entrance [from Elaine Fogel]

Do others come to mind?

Thanks for reading.

Note: Thank you to PerkettPRsuasion for including my article in their Persuasive Picks for the week of 10/5/09!

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