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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flooring Your Consumer: Luxury Marketing Council Presentation

Many thanks to Chris Ramey, president of Affluent Insights and chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council Florida, and Victoria Cerrone from Bobosart, who invited me to present "Flooring the Consumer: Developing Community and Delivering Wow!" at the April 28, 2010 Luxury Marketing Council in Orlando.

[Details listed in Press Release: Whittemore Addresses The Luxury Marketing Council Orlando.]

Here's how Chris described the presentation in his meeting invitation:

It's a wow or woe world for marketers. 

Women, who make or influence over 80% of purchase decisions, are rethinking their relationships with brands, products and services.  They're searching for meaningful relationships.  Are you prepared to serve them?  As their purses slowly open again it's imperative to provide a community to which they have an affinity.  Christine will share the best of the best, and then discuss how you can develop your community and deliver Wow! to ensure your success.

In this presentation, I address many of the points that I write about in Flooring The Consumer, my marketing blog about the consumer retail experience and marketing to women. These are also themes that I've developed in my Flooring The Consumer column with Floor Covering Weekly.  We have so many opportunities for building relationships with our customers when we carefully craft a memorable brand or retail experience that truly focuses on our consumers' needs.

Here is the Slideshare of my presentation:

For your reference, here are a few books specifically about Marketing to Women that I recommend for further reading:  

I'm particularly honored that, as a result of my experience with The Luxury Marketing Council, I have become a member of the distinguished Luxury Marketing Council Florida Fellows. Here's more:

The Luxury Marketing Council Florida Fellowship was created to recognize those who have demonstrated distinction in the luxury segment and to The Luxury Marketing Council Florida.  Elevation to Luxury Marketing Council Florida Fellowship requires and acknowledges:
  • Professional achievement
  • The highest level of ethics
  • Respect bestowed by colleagues
  • Leadership and mentorship across categories
  • Open sharing of knowledge, research and insight for the advancement of effective marketing and seat-holders’ business acumen 
Thank you, Chris and Victoria, for this honor!

Thanks, too, for the opportunity for insightful conversation and questions about the importance of listening carefully to customers to develop a loyal community and deliver consistent Wow!


  1. CB! Wonderful presentation - congrats on becoming a member of the Luxury Marketing Council Florida Fellows!

  2. Thanks, so much Lori! Your feedback made me day. Hugs, CB


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