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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chief Content Officer Magazine & Technology!

Chief Content Officer Magazine & Technology!
Content Marketing Institute has just issued CCO (Chief Content Officer) Magazine: The Big Bad Tech issue. No surprise, it focuses intensely on technology!

I'm particularly pleased that it includes an article from the most wonderful CK [aka Christina Kerley] about mobile technology. [Once you've read her article in CCO Magazine, you should go check out Must-Have Road Map For B2Bs: The Mobile Revolution & B2B.]

Other favorites in the magazine include an interview with Jay Baer - co-author of The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social - and a Simple Dashboard  to Track Facebook Engagement by Nate Riggs.

I bet you'll also enjoy the Tech Tools section of Chief Content Officer magazine... where social influencers share the tools that help them keep their edge. [Hint: I contributed to it!]

Here's my Tech Tool: eCairn Conversation [TM].

Here's what I say about it:

My most valuable content marketing tech tool is eCairn Conversation, a platform that helps to identify virtual social communities and key influencers, as well as the relevant content they create. Using eCairn Conversation, I’m able to search on specific topics that my database of relevant sources mention – be that references to Mad Men, retail experience, social media marketing or content marketing themes – and establish content-based relationships with the authors.

Added 4/12/11: Exciting News!  eCairn has just released exciting new updates to eCairn Conversation.

My most valuable content marketing tech tool is eCairn Conversation

Definitely check the Big Bad Tech Issue of Chief Content Officer magazine. Simply click on this link.

Then, let me know which article you found most intriguing.

Would you also let me know which technology tools you find most valuable as you navigate and make sense of the digital and social online worlds?

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  1. eCarin looks interesting, but right now a majority of my Tribe is not utlizing social media so I am going to stick to freebies for starters until people catch up.

  2. Jim, that makes lots of sense. I'm hoping that your tribe may surprise you and become more involved with social media. Then, you'll be ready for eCairn! Best, CB


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