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Thursday, April 21, 2011

FCA Network Annual Convention Presentations

Olga Robertson, FCA Network President
FCA Network's Olga Robertson
Photo courtesy of FCNews
As I announced in FCA Network 2011 Annual Convention Focused on ‘Getting More for Less, I had the honor of meeting & interacting with, and presenting to, the members of the FCA Network, an alliance of floor covering retailers, at their annual convention which took place March 27 & 28 in Chicago.

I had a blast!

I particularly enjoyed working with Olga Robertson, president, FCA Network, pictured on the left. She is passionate about providing her members with the support they need to compete and win and brought to life the convention theme of 'Getting More For Less'; she's also fascinating to talk to and one of few women leaders in the flooring industry.

Maxine Lauer from Sphere Trending set the stage with her high energy, thought-provoking observations about technology, the rapidly evolving consumer marketplace and how to keep up. [If you've never heard Maxine - or even if you have - do check out her SphereTrending website, the SpereTrending LimeLight Blog and subscribe to her weekly Lunch/Learn email.]

John Godwin from Shaw presented information about the consumer marketplace and residential flooring trends, highlighting the foreclosure process and the implications for floor covering retailers.

Sadly, I missed both Maxine's and John's presentations. However, everyone who heard them speak was abuzz with ideas and ready to share with me their observations during that first evening. That's also when I finally - after almost bumping into her several times over the past year+ - met Emily Hooper from Floor Covering News, who has brought FCN to life on Facebook, Twitter and via the FloorCoveringNews Blog.

The next day, I got to discuss my favorite topics: the retail experience & marketing to women - I definitely channeled Paco Underhill - and how to increase your digital visibility to better connect with  customers.

FCA Network Annual Convention 2011
FCA Network's Planet Network

Christine B. Whittemore, presenting at FCA Network 2011 annual convention
CB in action! Photo courtesy of FCNews
In preparation for my presentations, I spoke with three FCA Network members who graciously described their experiences connecting with customers in this economic environment and navigating through the rapidly evolving digital world.

Special thanks to:
Thanks to Emily, here is a brief video clip from one of my presentations. You can find it on floorcoveringnews or view it directly on YouTube by clicking on the link titled Why social networking is not new and scary technology.

Here is Emily's article on the event: FCA Network Convention defines today's consumer.

Finally, can you guess why I took this photo?  It sure warmed this Simplifier's heart ;-)

FCA Network, Simplify Your Life

Thank you, Olga, Bob Hill, the FCA Network staff and the many gracious and wonderful FCA Network members I met for inviting me and making me feel so welcome.

I hope you'll let me know about your successes trying new digital approaches for connecting with customers and how you enhance your retail experience to better connect with women customers.

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