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Friday, April 22, 2011

Practical Simple Marketing in the News - 4/22/11

Practical Simple Marketing In the News
Here are links and resources shared on Twitter and tagged #practicalmktr grouped here together in Practical Simple Marketing In The News.

By the way, I will start updating you on these links on a weekly basis going forward.

If you are interesting in the retail experience, check out Flooring The Consumer with Retail Experience links #retailexp.Those updates are weekly, too.

Simple & Practical Marketing Data

  • From eMarketer, interesting data on how US local businesses spend local ad dollars online/offline #practicalmktr
  • Fr @SocialSteve a SWOT review of Social Media for Q1 2011 #practicalmktr
  • What's yr reaction to B2B's Social Marketing gaining prominence in companies' plans? #practicalmktr

    Practical Marketing Advice

    • RT @shashib: New from @JasonFalls The Most Important Reason Social Media Is Good For Your Local Business #practicalmktr
    • Fr @HeidiCohen #CMI 7 reasons for adding QR codes to content marketing #practicalmktr
    • Perspective on Foursquare and exploring location via mobile #practicalmktr
    • Why you should place blogs at center of your content marketing fr @heidicohen #CMI #practicalmktr
    • Good #practicalmktr advice fr ClickZ on avoiding Facebook, Twitter redundancy
    • Fantastic advice fr @_TonyAhn_ re 'when netizens attack! 5 most common tactics of opposition & h2 handle #practicalmktr
    • 7 ways to take control of yr online reputation fr @marketingProfs #practicalmktr
    • RT @armano: Moving from social media tactics to your social business plan: #practicalmktr
    • What wld you add to PR Daily's 7 ways to build a blog audience? #practicalmktr Feature other people, no?

      Simple Marketing Inspiration

      • From inspiring & succinct @LizStrauss, simple advice on H2 get right people to pay attn to you #practicalmktr
      • Good advice fr Holly Buchanan on H2 do/not do social media #practicalmktr
      • Interesting discussion re: h2 change human behavior, using apps & h2 become healthier #practicalmktr
      • Lots of delicious insights here re: integrating digital/analog, being human, quality vs. quantity #practicalmktr
      • Wonderful #practicalmktr advice fr @AnnieMueller on integrating the online world with physical world
      • How much of this do U do? unplug to better create/enhance brand content #practicalmktr
      • Have you considered disrupting business habits to create innovation? by Martin Lindstrom #practicalmktr #retailexp
      • FastCo article re: sharing economy has me rethinking many assumptions: #practicalmktr #retailexp

        Brands Being Practical With Social Media

        • FastCo Design: Best Buy, Ford, CBS, Pepsi, P&G/Old Spice social media is R real, legitimate, where peeps R #practicalmktr
        • Fun to consider #practicalmktr lessons from Iron Chef [a favorite :-)]. Here for PR: What else comes 2 mind?
        • Advice on making QR codes useful. Example: hospitals #practicalmktr
        • Love hearing how social media applies to healthcare. Interview w @DanaMLewis #practicalmktr #hcsm
        • 9 Excellent #practicalmktr examples of companies doing social media right
        • Fr @soloportfolio details on LEGO: fr toy company to multi-media brand [C Martin Lindstrom tweet] #practicalmktr
        • 4 Social Media lessons fr book publishing Gr8 #practicalmktr advice. What wld U add?
        • How social media adds dimension to the museum experience #retailexp #practicalmktr
        • LinkedIn continues to evolve per FastCo. Becoming mo like Facebook? #practicalmktr

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        Image credit: “#PracticalMktr” Wordle by CB Whittemore

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