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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How To Improve Your Digital Visibility: Coverings 2011

How To Improve Your Digital Visibility: Coverings 2011
At Coverings 2011 in Las Vegas [see Press Release: Coverings 11 - Practical Marketing & Business Survival Highlighted], I addressed how to improve  digital visibility during two presentations. One with Paul Friederichsen from BrandBiz [check out his BrandBiz Blog], and one on my own.

During both presentations, I had a blast! I love to discuss practical marketing approaches with small business owners and managers. Inevitably, the audience brings up success stories and interesting ideas to share with one another. I was rewarded with terrific questions and lengthy, involved conversations afterwards.

I'm particularly grateful to Bill Buyok from Avente Tile [check out the Avente Tile Talk Blog] who graciously welcomed regular conversations about his business and how he uses social media.  Bill contributed valuable perspectives during both sessions.

For those of you interested in improving your digital visibility, here is a recording of my session, Practical Marketing - Digital Visibility for Small Businesses [note: this is a 60min session]:

While you listen, you can also follow along with the slide presentation which includes reference to some of the research questions we asked in anticipation of our Surfaces 2011 presentation:

What have you found particularly valuable for improving your digital visibility? Which tools have you had the most success with? How are you using them to connect with customers? Which tools do you consider less valuable for your marketplace? I'd love to hear.

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Photo Credit: Thank you, Josh @Coverings, for capturing me in action and sharing the photo on Twitter!


  1. Christine,

    I'm honored to be acknowledged in your blog post. It was a pleasure to share my experiences with others, like you, that have a passion for simple, practical marketing and interested in improving their digital visibility.

    Listening to the session presentation again and following along with the notes was a great follow-up for the action items that came out of the meeting. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Bill, I'm so pleased that you found it helpful to re-experience the presentation. And I really appreciate your real-world example.



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