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Friday, October 8, 2010

eCairn's Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs

eCairn's Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs
If you are looking for ideas about social media marketing blogs to explore, go no further than eCairn's recently released Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs: Sept '10 from September 29, 2010.

I am a big fan - and user - of eCairn Conversation  [see Social Flooring Blog Index - August 2010] and have experienced firsthand the robustness of the platform. This list definitely includes the finest thinking and most engaging content related to social media marketing.

It also makes me very excited to discover that Simple Marketing Blog, launched in March of 2009 in a crowded segment of the blogosphere, ranks #87 out of the top 150 most influential social media marketing blogs that eCairn Conversation tracks.

Pretty darn cool if I say so myself!

Simple Marketing Blog, an eCairn Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blog
A major Thank You to all of you for subscribing, reading, commenting and being part of what's going on here on the Simple Marketing Blog!

That said, I do hope you will explore the other social media marketing blogs listed in eCairn's Top 150 listing.

Let me know which are your favorites.

PS: I'm partial to #18 MarketingProfs Daily Fix - not just because I'm a contributor ;-) - and many others written by friends.

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