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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Engaging Content Marketing Examples: Bathroom Blogfest 2010

Engaging Content Marketing Examples: Bathroom Blogfest 2010
We've reached the end of the Content Marketing Institute series on content engagement.  The last post - 13 Examples of Content that Engages - describes examples of engaging content and highlights what makes them engaging.  I can't imagine better timing than Bathroom Blogfest 2010 for this post and my example!

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The following prominent content marketers contributed 13 examples of engaging content marketing: 

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Here is my contribution which celebrates Bathroom Blogfest 2010:
The example I’d like to share with you is taking place this very week, from October 25 through 29. It’s called the Bathroom Blogfest and it has been going on since 2006. I consider it an example of engaging content because it creates conversation both online and offline regardless of industry or area of expertise. This year’s event brings together 33 bloggers writing 41 blogs from the US, Canada, the UK and India to address the Mad Men-inspired theme ‘Stuck in the 60s?’ that calls attention to improving the experience of spaces like bathrooms that tend to be overlooked, ignored or otherwise not accorded the attention they should receive.

The fascinating aspect of the Bathroom Blogfest is that the bloggers participating come from a wide range of industries and interests. They are experts in marketing, customer experience and service, public relations, library sciences, museums, home and interior design, life, retail, flooring, user experience and healthcare IT/RTLS and each blogger addresses the same subject from a radically different perspective. They are all experts in creating content relevant to their audiences.

The learnings are real as they all focus on improving the user experience. The content engages because it addresses a universal reality: that we all need bathrooms. Furthermore, we have all experienced situations ‘stuck in the 60s’ that need re-evaluation.

I bet you’re intrigued and considering exploring situations you’ve encountered that are ‘stuck in the 60s’ during the yearly Bathroom Blogfest. It’s worth creating conversation to figure out ways to improve upon them.

Be part of Bathroom Blogfest 2010; use it as a means to connect with your audience to improve their experience. Read the press release; immerse yourself in UX, Bathrooms, and Mad Men. Follow the Bathroom Blogfest on Twitter @BathroomBlogfes where you can look for #BathroomEXP. Become a fan on Facebook and visit the Bathroom Blogfest Blog where you can read through the content from past Bathroom Blogfests.

Disclaimer: I am the Chief Organization & Inspiration Officer for the Bathroom Blogfest.
The range of examples is fascinating and inspiring so do be sure to read the original post.  Once you've done that, I'd love to hear about examples you've come across that you consider engaging content marketing.

Happy Bathroom Blogfest 2010!


  1. A great post that sums up a successful event and content engagement. It's great to see how a topic (bathrooms) and unrelated theme (Mad Men) can be blended to achieve wider engagement.

  2. Bill, that's one of the very interesting aspects of the Bathroom Blogfest! Mad Men in particular seems to have resonated much more than past themes have. Love it.



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